SPC flooring provides the best combination of comfort
and safety for your living space

Scratch Resistant
Pet Friendly
Dent Resistant
Easy to Clean
Stain Resistant
Noise Reduction
Slip Resistant

Easy Installation

Quick and easy installation allows you to enjoy your beautiful space in an instant.

Our SPC flooring utilizes the patented Uniclic system. With its fast and simple click-lock installation, no messy glue or professional skills are needed! Anyone can do it!

A cleaner home, a greener planet

Your Eco-friendly Habitat starts here.

Our SPC flooring is composed of natural limestone (calcium carbonate) and a minimal amount of plastic, all of which can be recycled. We believe in minimizing deforestation and prioritizing product recycling to ensure the sustainability of Earth's resources.

SPC vs Other materials

  Wear Resistant  Water Resistant Longevity Eco Friendly Safety Ease of Cleaning
SPC Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
WPC Good Excellent Good Excellent Good Excellent
Carpet Low Low Low Moderate Low Low
Hardwood Moderate Low Low Moderate Moderate Moderate
Laminate Good Moderate Low Moderate Good Good
LVP Good Good Good Low Good Excellent